Adult Jelz Footundeez Half Sole

Capezio H07G

Available in Adult Sizes: P,  SM,  M,  L,  XL  &  XXL.

For additional information please click here for size chart or contact Warner’s Store at (802)524-2558

  • H07G – Capezio Adult Jelz Footundeez Lyrical Half Sole
  • Bunheads® Built-In
  • A thin layer of Bunheads® gel is incorporated into the construction of the sole patches, alleviating pressure and providing shock absorption
  • Four-way stretch, breathable Nylon Lycra® Spandex upper
  • Patented ExoArmor duet sole patches move independently
  • Pads are securely sewn with stitching both on the edge and interior
  • Concealed elastic keeps footUndeez® firmly in place without pinching or color breaks