Headwear and Accessories By Turtle Fur.

Warner’s Clothing Store is your source for Vermont’s own Turtle Fur, manufacturer of headwear and accessories brand in the outdoor, snow sports, hunting/fishing, and lifestyle markets for more than 33 years.Warner’s is proud to support Vermont products offer Turtle Fur, an iconic Vermont brand and their Turtle is symbolic of quality, comfort and warmth.

Our stock includes a variety of beanies, hats, face covers and more in unique colors and designs by Turtle Fur! Looking for a clearance or previous years model? Visit our store in St. Albans, Vermont or call us at (802)524-2558 to support Vermont products.



Vermont Made Hats, Beanies, gators and More… By Turtle Fur!

Hats & Beanies


Face Masks

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Our stock is always changing to match the needs of our customers and to be sure the most recent and modern Turtle Fur products are available. To inquire about a product or to place an order, please email us or call at (802)524-2558.

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